Posing Services

Three crucial ways for competition preparation.

Heather Drake

WNBF Pro Figure World Champ

‘She is by HD’ offering:

Private Posing

Group Posing

Virtual Posing

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Group Posing with She Is By HD

Group posing involves individual routines, comparisons and mock competitions. Meeting weekly to pose in your two piece suit will give you the confidence and motivation you need to stay on your meal plans, training and cardio schedules.

Being a part of SHEISBYHD will help you feel like there is someone who understands what you are going through as you prepare for your competition. It also offers advice for every situation, gives you an opportunity to meet others who have the same goals as you, and holds you accountable to your goals every week. Posing sessions are conducted for 45 minutes.

Private One-On-One Figure / Physique Posing

Private posing sessions will go into detail on techniques necessary to compete on stage for figure and physique competitors. We will go over competition suit style and color, heel preference, walking the stage, personal presentation turns, and mandatory poses. I will help you become more confident in presenting yourself and your physique at its best. Posing sessions are conducted for 45 minutes and held at various gym’s or in-home.

I offer private posing sessions that give you all the attention you need to bring your best to the stage.