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Stage presentation is critical for your preparation in showing off your hard earned physique. In many competitions, placing well is determined by who presented their package the best on stage. When you put in endless hours of work for months on creating your best physique, poor posing can skew your physique and compromise your ability to place. Your presentation influences the judges just as much as your physique. Therefore, working on the final touches of your posing will earn your position at the top!

Heather Drake

WNBF Pro Figure World Champ

About Heather

What is SHEISBYHD? Owner and creator of SHEISBYHD.com, Posing Coach Heather has combined her years of experience in both stage performance and in a fitness model platform to craft a unique and classy physique presentation style that is individually customized for women all around the world!

SHEISBYHD aims to teach you the very best stage presence with mandatories, smooth flowing transitions, quarter turns, and individual model “walks” that will captivate the attention of the judging panel. In addition to stage presentation, prep work including suit selection, makeup, hair, nail color, jewelry, tanning, and even mental preparation are also discussed. Also included are the details of what to expect from your competition experience that only another competitor would know!

Getting on stage is one of the scariest, yet most gratifying achievements of a lifetime! The dedication and discipline alone is the most challenging aspects of competing or preparing for a photoshoot. To ensure success, make sure you have a plan and the right people in your corner.

SHEISBYHD was crafted with the desire for every Figure, Physique and Fitness Model to feel confident, look relaxed, and to master the ‘look’ while under the spotlight.

I offer three ways that are crucial for competition preparation. You can decide what suits your needs best.

Private Posing

Group Posing

Virtual Posing

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‘She Is’ beautiful, confident, powerful, unique, and STRONG. The journey to the stage is hard! Let Posing Coach Heather remind you of who you are to make the experience the most rewarding and fun!


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It’s exciting to have goals and work so hard to go beyond what you would imagine that your body is capable of.